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Welcome to Quidich!

Combining our passion for sports, technology and cameras, we create innovative and inspiring viewing experience for the worlds top broadcasters and consumers.

Innovation, Passion, Collaboration and Adventure are some our key pillars that we've built this organisation on. If you're passionate about sports, technology or cameras and want to be on the front seat of every sporting event, apply for the relevant job below.

Head Of Technology

The Head of Technology will spearhead the management and development of all our software products and is expected to have a strong focus towards computer vision based technology development. What you build at Quidich has the potential to completely transform the viewing experience for sports fans.
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Drone Pilot

Our Drone Pilots are deployed on some of the most exciting projects happening in the world, be it film or broadcast. They are well versed in leveraging drone technology to add an aerial perspective and help create great content.
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Our Cinematographers are responsible for driving the visual impact of the shoot. They are incharge of making the right creative choices and driving decisions around use of lenses, filters and camera movements to deliver spectacular shots.  
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Project Manager

The Project Manager is the one element that connects the client, external crew and project staff, back to the team in the headquarters. If you're up for a challenge, then it is an exciting role that involves client servicing, team management, quality control and resource management, apart from pure operations and project management.
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our Approach

Working At Quidich



At Quidich, we thrive on innovation and constantly strive to redefine the possibilities with technology in live sport and film. We believe that innovation is not just a want, but a need to stay relevant in the ever changing nature of industry.

Passion and Adventure

We believe that to ensure excellent quality, client satisfaction and personal growth, the key ingredient is passion. What we do, doesn't feel like work but a path towards your personal goal and a way to follow your desires!


Working with partners is the best way to grow an ecosystem. We strongly believe that there is no value in re-inventing the wheel. If something has already been done, we work in building strong partnerships and collaborations, internally and externally, to deliver the best to our clients.


We are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity. From adhering to timelines to ensuring compliance and confidentiality, all our personnel are brand ambassadors of Quidich.


Safety is of utmost importance at Quidich. With the kind of operations and systems that we operate, safety has to come first, even before client satisfaction. With a lot of attention to SOP’s and health and safety protocols, we ensure safety of our operators and the public.
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