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Welcome to Quidich!

Combining our passion for sports, technology and cameras, we create innovative and inspiring viewing experience for the worlds top broadcasters and consumers.

Innovation, Passion, Collaboration and Adventure are some our key pillars that we've built this organisation on. If you're passionate about sports, technology or cameras and want to be on the front seat of every sporting event, apply for the relevant job below.

We're always looking for keen individuals (specially pilots!) to work with us, so in case you don't find a vacancy relevant to you, feel free to reach out to us on careers@quidich.com.

Computer Vision Engineer

The Computer Vision Engineer will work on the development of our Augmented Reality product, Spatio. We have a tight product roadmap that needs enthusiastic people to solve problems in the realm of software development and computer vision systems.
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AR Software Engineer

The AR Software Engineer will work on the development of our Augmented Reality product, Spatio. The role would involve working with the research team to develop, evaluate and optimize various state of the art algorithms.
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Human Resource Executive

The HR Executive is one of the most exciting roles at Quidich. The role would involve developing, enhancing and implementing HR policies and strategies across a rapidly growing start up.
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Buggy Pilot

The Buggy Pilot is at the forefront of where the action takes place on ground. Apart from providing innovative ways in which the BuggyQam can enhance the broadcast, the pilot is expected to translate the company strategy for this service into actionable goals, being fully accountable for its implementation.
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Working At Quidich



At Quidich, we thrive on innovation and constantly strive to redefine the possibilities with technology in live sport and film. We believe that innovation is not just a want, but a need to stay relevant in the ever changing nature of industry.

Passion and Adventure

We believe that to ensure excellent quality, client satisfaction and personal growth, the key ingredient is passion. What we do, doesn't feel like work but a path towards your personal goal and a way to follow your desires!


Working with partners is the best way to grow an ecosystem. We strongly believe that there is no value in re-inventing the wheel. If something has already been done, we work in building strong partnerships and collaborations, internally and externally, to deliver the best to our clients.


We are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity. From adhering to timelines to ensuring compliance and confidentiality, all our personnel are brand ambassadors of Quidich.


Safety is of utmost importance at Quidich. With the kind of operations and systems that we operate, safety has to come first, even before client satisfaction. With a lot of attention to SOP’s and health and safety protocols, we ensure safety of our operators and the public.
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