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In a rapidly evolving sports content landscape, Quidich Innovation Labs introduces QuickFlip, a pioneering solution set to redefine live sports viewing. Recognizing the shift towards mobile-first consumption, QuickFlip revolutionizes traditional horizontal broadcasts into dynamic vertical formats with minimal additional equipment.


QuickFlip leverages the power of AI to transform horizontal broadcasts into dynamic vertical formats, ensuring every action remains centred and engaging for today's mobile-first audiences

AI-Powered Adaptation

Ensures centered and engaging action for vertical viewing preferences

Smart Cut Detection

Ingests the world feed and maintains dynamic narrative flow

Versatile Delivery

Supports traditional SDI and modern cloud-based streaming

Recent Projects


QuickFlip: Solving ICC's Mobile-First Broadcasting Challenges at the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024

Quidich's latest innovation, QuickFlip, harnesses the power of AI to convert Horizontal Broadcast Feeds into Engaging Vertical Feeds in real time without any changes to the existing broadcast pipeline.

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