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Quidich’s Drone Broadcasting enhances live sports broadcasts, crickets, feature films, documentaries, and taking care of drone permissions & regulations across the globe.


With the highest standards of safety, best-in-class payload capabilities and hours of operator experience, we can fly any camera on our aerial platforms.


Fly the camera of your choice (Red, Arri, Sony Broadcast, Blackmagic) and see the world like never before, replacing traditional helicopter shots.


With over 5000 hours of operations, our standard operating procedures have allowed us a zero failure rate, giving customers a stress free experience.


Regulatory compliant drones. Weight range - 1kg to 25kgs, Speed - upto 90kmph, Flight time - upto 30 mins, HQ HD downlink for Broadcast.

Recent Projects


IPL 2022: Eagle takes Drone Augmented Reality to New Heights

To mark the fifteenth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) - the biggest T20 cricket league in the world, Star Sports and Quidich Innovation Labs partnered to produce an extraordinary Augmented Reality spectacle that left fans across the globe both stunned and delighted.

IPL 2020 | Spatio

At the IPL 2020, Spatio, our wireless tracking system, helped in offering a revolutionary experience in terms of the sheer scale, dynamism and perspective, through AR on the drone, while also unlocking new modes of storytelling and consumer engagement.

ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup

ICC has been looking at ways of making the broadcast more interactive for viewers across the world that enables more learning about the players and the game. Using Augmented Reality on the drone with Quidich was able to enhance the storytelling of the broadcast.

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