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Quidich’s proprietary solution for overlaying contextual data on one or more objects in a single frame.


Live stream graphic overlays of player performance records and statistics affixed to players

Live Field Tracking

StiQy can optically track a single player or multiple players and their movements in a single frame in real-time.

Multi-Sport Application

The technology can work with camera feeds across any live sport extending its application beyond cricket to any other sport.

In-game Display

Graphic overlays of key performance statistics hover over players in the frame at crucial moments in the live game.

Recent Projects


TATA Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 | Introducing StiQy

With the introduction of StiQy, viewers were able to get to see and understand more unique information about the sport that they otherwise may not have known, as part of a richer viewing experience at the TATA IPL 2023.

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