Quidich Partners with SVG Europe

March 15, 2022

As Quidich expands its footprint into Europe, the company announced its strategic alliance with the leading sports media company, SVG Europe.

SVG Europe is a prominent name in the world of the sports industry, especially in Europe. The leading sports media company publishes press releases, thought leadership articles and other major sports-related news on its official website. The events, awards and conferences organised by SVG Europe are attended by high-end executives of all major sports organisations across the world.

Quidich Tracker (QT) at the ICC World Test Championship Final 2021, Southampton, UK

Over the last few years, Quidich has built several broadcast technology solutions, including cameras on remotely operated drones and buggies, augmented reality graphics on live drone feed and real-time player tracking solutions. The company has been able to successfully deliver its services to the biggest cricket competitions in the world like the ICC Women's World Cup 2022, Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022, ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2021 and the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) 2021. Having reached the zenith of cricket broadcasts in South-East Asia, Quidich is now aiming to further its technologies across different geographies and sports.

BuggyQam at the UAE Super Cup

As an example of Quidich's endeavour to explore new geographies and sports, Quidich deployed its BuggyQam at the UAE Super Cup. Working alongside the UAE Pro League, Quidich was able to provide a unique perspective to the football coverage with ultra-low angle shots by the BuggyQam. During the penalty shootout, the technology came into its full force and took the viewers right into the action. The BuggyQam covered the entire shootout from the players' point of view from the middle of the field. Nevertheless, BuggyQam delivering the ball to the referee during the kick-off was by far the most memorable moment of the entire broadcast.

Partnering with SVG will empower Quidich to build brand awareness and networks in Europe which in turn will assist the company in expanding its offerings to other large team popular sports in the region like football, rugby and hockey.

Jaskaran Singh Bakshi, Quidich’s Business Development Director said, "Quidich is delighted to come onboard as a sponsor for SVG Europe. SVG, being a leader in sports media content, we see this as a strategic alliance with SVG Europe and its community as Quidich expands its footprint into Europe. At Quidich, we will continue to innovate technologies to provide the audience with fresh perspectives and an unparallel viewer experiences by 'bringing machines and machine learning to live sport'".