IPL 2020 kept all the cricket lovers on tenterhooks. Would it happen - would it not? The ambiguity around the possibility of no IPL in 2020 due to COVID-19 sure created a cloud of gloom. So when the verdict was finally announced, there was much to cheer about! Fans reconciled to the fact that they would watch it on their TV-sets, rather than risk the exposure to the virus. But what about the players, and the broadcast crews, and the support staff?

Given that IPL 2020 would be held without any audiences, Quidich brainstormed intensely to figure how our technology could help increase viewer engagement and enhance the experience for them since the event would only be viewed on screens. The solution came in the form of Spatio! Riding on our CopterQam, Spatio is our proprietary technology that allows for real time Augmented Reality (AR) graphics to enhance the visuals offered by wireless camera systems, such as the drone.

AR offered a revolutionary experience in terms of the sheer scale, dynamism and perspective, while unlocking new modes of storytelling and consumer engagement. A case in example was the toss before the game. Typically, a non-interactive segment for the viewer, we developed an animated graphic of the coin. This was cleverly timed with the on-ground toss, emerging from within the stadium towards our eye-in-the-sky, then flipping to the periphery to reveal the winner of the toss.  

Right through the match, our 3D graphics enabled player stories, milestones and other in game graphics. With the support of our cricket analytics team we were able to deliver not just visually engaging graphics, but content that enabled a deeper connection for the audience with the game and historical analysis.

One of the most exciting features we developed was the victory graphic at the end of every game. As discussions around the environmental impact of the flamboyant fireworks at sporting events have come to the forefront, we wanted to use the opportunity to implement our technology in a way that the experience of the viewer at home remains unchanged. At the IPL 2020, we piloted graphic-fireworks that looked as good as real! The drone shot is any way the best angle to view a good firework display and we used this opportunity to deliver an unforgettable experience for the viewers. With no pyrotechnics at the stadium, Augmented Reality on the Drone through Spatio, allowed the viewer to celebrate the winning moment for the team they supported.

To pull off the Dream11 IPL 2020 under the given circumstances was an enormous feat. For the broadcast team, the numbers said it all. IPL- Season 13 experienced a whopping 28% increase in viewership compared to the last edition!

“Season 13 witnessed innovative programming, world-class production –both remote and on-ground.”
Sanjog Gupta, Head – Sports, Star India.