With broadcasters at the IPL seeking to elevate the production quality of the games across satellite TV and OTT channels, StiQy was a novel concept that made for an interesting way to relay information to viewers and commentators. StiQy featured in every game of the IPL this year.

A few examples of the key points of information the technology was able to showcase in the IPL games are:

- Historical player performance statistics (such as, most runs in the season so far)

- Player milestones (such as, 300th wicket)

- Bowling figures from a previous game/season

- Batsman strike rate

- Boundaries hit so far (4s/6s)

- Captaincy record of a player

StiQy does not need any specialised camera equipment and can easily adapt to existing broadcast flows. Broadcasters at the IPL were able to offer a seamless experience of the technology across their feeds in English as well as other regional languages, in turn, achieving a consistent viewer experience across audiences. 

One of the firsts at the tournament was the stories we were able to run in consultation with the producers, with the objective of increasing engagement with fans. One of our most successful stories was the success rate of MS Dhoni’s DRS appeals which, at the time, stood at close to 82%. This was picked up by several publications and fans on social media dubbed it the Dhoni Review System.

Our operators kept track of the statistical data related to players approaching any important milestones during the tournament such as Virat Kohli nearing a total of 7000 runs scored in his IPL career. Other historical data such as, bowling record in the death overs at the IPL that could make for interesting narratives to go on air towards the end of the innings, was also recorded over time and used. These data points were also weaved into the live commentary during the games.

In general, we received positive feedback about StiQy from producers, commentators and even members of the teams’ staff including coaches and experts at the IPL. 

As with all our other products, we continue to refine and improve StiQy with the goal of bringing it to a wider audience of sports viewers all over the world.