Introducing ICC Immersive powered by our latest HyperReality - a groundbreaking product crafted by Quidich Innovation Labs in collaboration with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and Apple Vision Pro, set to redefine the way fans engage with sports. 

Built on a foundation of advanced AI, real-time data analytics, and state-of-the-art VR technology, HyperReality offers a seamless and intensely realistic experience that sets new standards in sports entertainment. With strategic collaborations with global tech leaders and sports organizations, 

This pioneering product leverages the unparalleled technological expertise of each partner, transforming the spectator experience by bringing the electrifying atmosphere of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 directly into homes worldwide through Apple's Vision Pro, the latest in immersive content technology.


Imagine being teleported from your living room straight to the cricket field, where you stand in the shoes of a batsman during the most crucial moments of the game. ICC Immersive, captures each game-changing play and decisive moment with stunning clarity and immersive detail, employing real-time data visualizations that let you feel the pressure from the crowd and the intensity of competition through spatial sound design. This isn’t just watching cricket; this is living it, experiencing every heartbeat and breath of the players.

Join us on this revolutionary journey to experience the future of sports. HyperReality isn’t merely an evolution; it's a new era where the boundary between the spectator and the spectacle blurs, redefining how we connect with the sports we love. Don’t just watch the game—step into it with HyperReality on Apple Vision Pro, where every sport is an immersive, interactive adventure. Let’s redefine the future of sports together.