The Indian Premier League is part of every India’s life in some way or another whether or not you enjoy cricket. Quidich has been able to create it’s space as a service provider to bring in new innovations and ideas in the broadcast of the sport. The IPL has marked a number of ‘firsts’, not just for Quidich but also for the sport. It was the first time where all games used Augmented Reality on a Drone camera to enhance the viewers experience.

Spatio - our proprietary wireless AR tracking system on the drone was used extensivly throughout the whole tournament. Quidich was able to combine breathtaking beauty shots of the stadium with match related graphics on the world feed to enhance the storytelling of the sport. The commentators like Danny Morrison and Kevin Petersen had a great field day in understanding the technology and talking about it on air! 

We also set in motion our  BuggyQam, a remote controlled RC car, that could provide low angle shots, offering a perspective that was never seen before in cricket. We were able to provide a whole new array of shots right from moving along with the team while they were warming up; following the players walking out; running across the dugouts; to following the ball all the way to the boundary from a really low angle. Watching different directors using the technology for different ways of storytelling was incredible. 

“Working with directors like Soni & Deepak keeps you on your toes and it’s only their constant encouragement which makes us push our boundaries and innovate.”

Neil Gokhale, COO - Quidich


A Day In the Life of India EP - 26 - Drone Engineer

This is what a day looks like in the life of a drone engineer. Watch the entire series exclusively on Facebook! #ADayInTheLifeOfIndia

Posted by Indiatimes on Thursday, May 24, 2018