PKL is a professional-level Kabaddi league in India broadcasted on Star Sports. During the inaugural season in 2014, its television viewership was 435 million, making it the second most-viewed sporting event in the country after the BCCI - IPL with a  viewership of  560 million.

Similar to a lot of the league sports, PKL also has teams from various cities across India, all of whom host matches in their respective cities during the course of the season. Since Kabaddi is predominantly an indoor sport, the broadcaster wanted to give the viewer an establishing shot of the venue and represent the city the matches were being played in. Quidich conceptualised and implemented the idea of having AR versions of the Team Mascots battling it out on the cityscape, to add to viewer engagement, while also establishing the context of time and place of the match.

“This was a unique and challenging project for Quidich.“

Akool Kumar, Program Manager - Quidich