Exotic locations, incredible landscapes, amazing people & cricket! No! This wasn’t a team retreat, it was the Caribbean Premier League, Quidich's first broadcasting project in the Western Hemisphere. 

Sunkissed with the Caribbean sun, our CopterQam covered a total of 22 matches across 4 countries and 5 stadiums at the 2019 Caribbean Premier League, the seventh season of the domestic Twenty20 cricket league in the West Indies. 

It was the perfect set up for our drones to have a blast. Shots of the stadium at sundown would mesmerize us as well as the director each day. Broadcast director Gavin Scowell had interesting ideas to use our CopterQam as more than just a beauty camera. He wanted the CopterQam to be a part of the gameplay action and a lot of shots required the drone to be flying in the Field of Play during the match and cover the game from a new perspective.

This was the culmination of months of effort that went in organising local permission across each of the countries, ensuring the hardware was as per the broadcasters requirement but also modified to the safety practices for the countries we were operating in; all of which came together beautifully to add a feather in the Quidich hat!