For the 2014 elections in India, every news channel was looking at doing something that would help their broadcast to stand out from the whole host of channels. Headlines Today and Aaj Tak formulated the idea of the ‘Election Express', a bus designed by Dilip Chhabria, that travelled the length and breadth of the country to bring ground reports from the Lok Sabha 2014 Elections. Quidich, at its’ early inception days, being one of the few drone service providers in the country, introduced the CopterQam to news broadcast and was popularly referred to as the ‘eye in the sky’. 

Our drones provided an aerial vantage, revealing the scale of some of the most iconic rallies organised in the historic election of 2014.  For the first time ever, news audiences experienced live aerial interviews with prominent politicians! Our work was widely appreciated and saw multiple mentions in news articles published by India Today and IndianTelevison, while our aerial shots appeared on numerous television broadcasts including national coverage of the event by Aaj Tak.

“This was our first large project which gave us the confidence that drones have a huge potential in the media industry. We’d like to thank the team at India Today for giving us this opportunity to introduce this technology in new broadcast for the first time” 

Rahat Kulshreshtha, CEO - Quidich