After 45 days and 48 intense cricket clashes, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 reached its pinnacle as Australia emerged victorious over the host and favorite, India, in the finals, securing the coveted title of Champions in the prestigious 50-over format. As the epic finals unfolded, ICC & Disney+ Hotstar achieved a historic milestone by shattering the world record for the highest number of concurrent users on a Digital Streaming Platform, amassing an astounding viewership of 59 million simultaneous viewers.

In this exhilarating cricketing journey, Quidich Innovation Labs played a pivotal role in the broadcast, contributing significantly to the World Cup's success. Through their services such as DroneQam, BuggyQam, QT, HyperView, and StiQy, Quidich collaborated with the ICC and Star to elevate the visual experience for all cricket enthusiasts viewing the tournament.

HyperView - Catch Map & Run Map

HyperView, first unveiled during the 2022 ICC Men's T20 World Cup in sports broadcasting, has since become a captivating feature on television screens, enhancing the viewing experience for cricket enthusiasts across major events like IPL 2023, WTC Finals 2023, Ashes 2023, and the recently concluded ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Responding to the ICC's recommendations, Quidich expanded Hyperview's use cases at the CWC 2023, introducing innovative features that provided spectators with richer insights.

In this tournament, HyperView rose to new heights by incorporating historic data and creating visual story points, notably introducing two compelling additions – the Catch Map and Run Map. Leveraging CrizViz's statistical prowess, HyperView crafted a dynamic heatmap within the digital twins of stadiums, offering viewers an unprecedented look into a batter's career performance in the ODI format, specifically highlighting field positions where the batter has been caught out. This visual narrative unveiled a unique perspective, exposing a batter's vulnerabilities and the areas where different bowling attacks proved most effective in securing a catch.

Catch Map of England's Jos Buttler against Spin bowling highlighting areas of field where he has been caught out in his entire career.

Equally enthralling were the Run Maps, which depicted a zone wise distribution of runs scored by a batter in a match or throughout the tournament. This innovative feature empowered users to discern a player's strategic dominance across different areas of the field and identify regions less favorable to their scoring prowess. HyperView truly transformed the cricket-watching experience by providing nuanced and visually compelling insights for every avid fan.

Run Map of England's Ben Stokes depicting his zone wise percentage breakdown of runs scored against spinners throughout his career.

Ajesh Ramachandran, Executive Producer at ICC TV and Senior Manager of Broadcast at the International Cricket Council (ICC), has played a pivotal role in shaping the development of these two compelling stories. Quidich credits Mr. Ramachandran for his instrumental contributions to the success of these engaging narratives, highlighting his expertise that significantly contributed to achieving key milestones in the journey to enhance the cricket-viewing experience for fans worldwide.

The staggering record-breaking figures achieved throughout the progression of the World Cup stand as a resounding testament to the immense engagement of cricket fans worldwide. It underscores not only the concerted efforts of the ICC to elevate the game into a groundbreaking and enthralling spectacle for viewers but also serves as a noteworthy accolade for Quidich and their suite of products. Together, they have successfully crafted an immersive storytelling experience, leaving an indelible mark on cricket enthusiasts around the globe.