At the 2020 Khelo India Youth Games that were hosted at Guwahati, Assam - Quidich offered its' BuggyQam and CopterQam Services. Apart from being able to provide live aerial coverage of the event,  introducing the BuggyQam helped us deliver inline shots of the athletes and these proved to be shots that were never seen before in athletics.

Start Sports has really put in their best efforts forward in improving the level of broadcast of the youth games. The director really used the opportunity and pushed our operators to deliver shots that track and field events had never seen before. From being just enhancement special cameras, the BuggyQam and CopterQam became master cameras, providing the live coverage of the events along with the first replay as well. 

“This was a thrilling and challenging experience, loved to work with the director and explore the potential of the BuggyQam in athletics”

Gaurish Mhatre, Buggy Operator - Quidich

We were also involved in this year’s special edition University Level tournament, Khelo India University Games hosted in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. This was a one of its kind event and also the first time that a university-level tournament has been broadcasted nationwide. 

“Director - Deepak Gupta really pushed us to be able to use the drone in a way we never have before. Flying the drone so low and close to the athletes was quite an enjoyable experience ”

Prasoon Singh, Drone Operator - Quidich 


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