Sanju is an Indian biographical film directed by Rajkumar Hirani that follows the life of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. The storyline covers it all, from the depths of his addiction to the peak of his stardom as well as his underworld entanglements. Quidich provided its CopterQam (Drone) services to capture stunning aerials for this blockbuster film that quickly topped the charts after its release in 2018.

This was a dream project for Quidich because we were getting to work with a person who had originally sowed the seed of having a drone with a camera through his film, 3 Idiots. Moreover, a renowned filmmaker who had envisioned the exact shot that he wanted for the opening and closing sequence of his film and was looking for someone who could implement it. 

"Rahat, you decide how you think this shot should look, just remember this is going to be the opening shot of the film." said Rajkumar Hirani.

“It was my dream to work with Mr Hirani, a rare gem of a person who possesses both a Director’s and an Editor’s skill set and for him to give us the opportunity to design the opening shot of his film was nothing short of a blessing!”

Rahat Kulshreshtha, CEO - Quidich