In September, Quidich Innovation Labs hosted 'The Unreal Game-Changer 2023', a remarkable 72-hour hackathon that attracted over 250 participants. Centered around Unreal Engine, the event was segmented into three tracks: Unreal Artists, Unreal Developers, and VFX/3D Artists, each showcasing a diverse range of creativity and technical skills.

A significant aspect of the hackathon was the generous prize pool of Rs 4,50,000, underscoring Quidich's commitment to nurturing and rewarding talent in the technology sector. The panel of judges included industry experts such as Sameer Pitalwalla from Google Cloud APAC, Karan Parikh of Green Rain Studios, Arvind Neelakantan from Epic Games, and Rrahul Sethi, a Metaverse expert, bringing an invaluable depth of knowledge and insight to the evaluation process.

The event's success was further amplified by strategic partnerships with leading entities in the industry like Epic Games, Green Rain Studios, CDC, and Viseral, highlighting the importance of collaboration in fostering technological innovation.

'The Unreal Game-Changer 2023' at Quidich Innovation Labs transcended being just a competition; it became a celebration of dedication and excellence in technology. The event not only set a benchmark for future hackathons but also reinforced Quidich Innovation Labs' role in shaping the future of the tech and gaming industries.

Witness the creation of our finalists

Track - Unreal Artist

Winner - Labhanshu Sharma
Runner Up - Udayan Chavan

Track - Unreal Developer

Winner - Vedant Patade
Runner Up - Saish Sakharkar

Track - Unreal Artist

Winner - Rajkamal Marandi
Runner Up - Kuldeep Joshi