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HyperStudio | Virtual Production

HyperStudio revolutionizes virtual production, transforming pre-recorded sports broadcasts into captivating, immersive environments. This cutting-edge technology elevates virtual studios, offering unprecedented interactivity and realism.

Real Time Data integration

HyperStudio integrates live data directly into virtual productions, ensuring content is not only immersive but also informative. This real-time update capability makes narratives more relevant and interactive.

Multi Virtual Camera with Cinematic Movement

HyperStudio harnesses multiple virtual cameras, enabling dynamic scene capture from varied angles. This multi-perspective approach enriches storytelling, elevating production quality to cinematic standards.

Multiple Customized and Immersive Environments

Offering a library of customizable environments, HyperStudio empowers creators to craft unique, thematic settings for every story. This versatility supports a wide range of creative visions and narrative needs.

Recent Projects


Aaj Tak - ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 | HyperStudio

ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 was the biggest cricketing event of the year and Aaj Tak's coverage of the World Cup included pre and post match discussion by the host Vikrant Gupta along with various guests from the cricketing world.

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