HyperStudio: Future of Sports Broadcasting in India

The best part about watching a game in a stadium is the feeling of being a part of the action. But that's something the pre and post-match discussions have been unable to bring to the table yet. So far, viewers have been accustomed to watching pre/post-match discussion panels on TV, where the game is analyzed in detail by the panelists watching it on a screen just like the audience. 

HyperStudio by Quidich Innovation Labs, a revolutionary virtual production software, has changed that by bringing the stadium into the studio. Combined with a green screen and a multi-camera setup, HyperStudio can transform any studio into a virtual arena that places its user right in the middle of the action.

The Biggest Match of the Year

HyperStudio was first deployed for Aaj Tak during the most anticipated match of the year, the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 Finals, between India and Australia. The software turned a mere studio in Noida into the mighty Narendra Modi Stadium and transported host Vikrant Gupta and his esteemed guest panel, including cricket legends Harbhajan Singh, Suresh Raina, Robin Uthappa, and Madan Lal, to Ahmedabad.

A Stadium Experience from Every Angle

Assembled with a 32-foot wide and 15-foot high green screen and 3 cameras, HyperStudio brought the Narendra Modi Stadium to life. On the day of the match, the panel was placed in a media room inside the virtual stadium, designed just for them! The next day, the panel discussed player statistics, ball trajectories, fielding reports, and more from the pitch itself. 

HyperStudio’s dynamic camera work gave the audience an up-close virtual tour of various parts of the stadium. The audience was also able to witness the cheering crowd, the enormity of the grounds, and the play-by-play of the game, all from the comfort of their home.

The Game is in the Details

Apart from the visual experience, HyperStudio is capable of producing real-time data down to the last over and ball to create a truly detailed experience. It can also generate live player tracking, field position tracking, catch maps, and player wagon wheels, presented with exceptional AR display graphics for better viewing and understanding of the audience.  

Design Your Own Studio in Seconds

Feels like a bit much? No worries! The HyperStudio software is also hyper-efficient and easy. It allows users to customize every element of the production as per their requirements, without the need to type in a code.

The Immersive Change

HyperStudio shows Quidich Innovation Labs’ commitment to revolutionizing sports broadcasting experiences. It turns the good old sit-down discussions of the intricacies of the game on its head to create an experience that’s immersive, interactive and makes the audience feel closer to the action.