Our BuggyQam was used in the broadcast of the Grand Opening of Bigg Boss Tamil, a regional show that follows the format of the famous reality series, Big Brother. 

The buggy offered the possibility of adding a lot of dynamism to this general entertainment broadcast. It followed the participants on to the stage and captured an entirely different frame of their performances. Our operators used the buggy to provide the viewer with a first-person perspective of the walkthrough into the Big Boss house. 

But that’s still not the most exciting part. The host for the show, Kamal Hassan, ended up interacting with our BuggyQam as a character on set, introducing it to all the viewers and in-studio audience! This was definitely the highlight of the entire experience.

“The director just told me to walk Kamal-Ji through the shot and tell him his positions. This experience of being offered the opportunity to be a director for that one take and the fact that we managed to get what we wanted in a single take is something I'm never going to forget!”

Neil Gokhale , COO - Quidich