In a step towards exploring and shaping the future of sports media and technology, Quidich Innovation Labs marked its presence at the recent Sportel Rendez-vouz Bali 2024 summit. This follows the company’s insightful participation at Sportel Monaco in 2023, reinforcing Quidich’s commitment to leading conversations around the evolution of the sports industry. The Bali event, held on the 22nd and 23rd of February, was the second of its kind in Bali, amidst Sportel’s 30-year legacy of facilitating impactful industry dialogues.

Quidich’s co-founder, Gaurav Mehta, joined industry leaders on a panel that delved into the burgeoning sports media and tech landscape in the Indian Subcontinent. Alongside Layon Ivan Patrick Lobo from Tapmad and Kash Shaikh from Baseball United, with Imran Yusuf from SportBusiness moderating, the discussion illuminated the region’s emerging market dynamics. Gaurav emphasized the critical role of digital consumption trends, driven by the increasing accessibility of smartphones and the internet, in transforming how sports content is delivered and consumed.

The panel also highlighted the narrative of creating heroes in emerging sports, showcasing the immense potential for diverse sports disciplines to gain prominence. This approach, coupled with innovative strategies to engage audiences with shorter attention spans, underscores the evolving nature of sports media and technology.

Quidich Innovation Labs’ participation in Sportel Bali is a testament to its pioneering role in leveraging technology to enhance sports experiences. As the industry continues to evolve, Quidich remains at the forefront, ready to embrace the transformative opportunities that lie ahead in the sports media landscape.